• December 17, 2019
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Indoor Air Quality’s Shocking Surprise

Once upon a time, the ignorance may have been excusable, but surely, after the last few years, you would think that people would have known by now. What would it take for blissfully ignorant folks to realize that the quality of their indoor air is potentially lethal to them. Yet again, more people may already know this, but surely as well, complacency could be dangerous too. The shocking surprise about your indoor air quality is that your indoor air may be polluted with something as lethal as uranium.

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You wonder how it got there. It seeps up from under the ground. And it is able to penetrate the floorboards of your home. Even if your floors are hardcore cement or thickly concreted, it is still possible for such a lethal dose to come through into your room’s interiors. It does not happen all of a sudden. It can penetrate gradually over time, as in years. In many cases, recommendations for indoor air quality jacksonville fl inspections are becoming a matter of law. If it is not law (yet) it is a regulated industry.

Given the seriousness that the work entails it has to be. The question could be asked at this point in time. Given that there is still an unsatisfactory low level of awareness, could private property owners be liable, at best, to pay a fine should a local health inspector make a random call. Easy to answer that one perhaps because whilst commerce and industry has been forced by law to clean up their act, it remains something of a challenge to police the indoor air environment of the private property owner.

Law enforcement still years in the making perhaps. But you have to wonder. How it is possible to contract diseases like lung cancer without having smoked ever.