• December 18, 2019
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Not All Rugs Are From Persia

Antique rugs crafted from the looms of ancient Persian craftsmen remain all the rage. But let it be known that an antique rugs atlanta gallery should not be restricting its discerning clientele to the vast valleys of Persia. Although it must be said that it is hard to fault the ongoing preference for antique rugs, if not made direct in Persia, are being inspired as semi-antique rugs with the stylistic and decorative effects that have stood the test of time, and probably endured many conquests over so many centuries.

Today, the great land of Persia is made up of several different nations, with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and perhaps even Pakistan. And each nation has its own weaving artistes, following their age-old artistic traditions at their spinning wheels and looms. Not far from Persia is that great sub-continent of India. It too has its antique rugs. And go as far east as you would care to do and you will be seeing Manchurian designs decorating the walls of the elite.

Across the strait and you discover that the Japanese have a preference for austerity. And yet when you look and feel it, it is just so beautiful. Sit on a bamboo mat, well, try to anyway because you might be required to cross your legs, and feel the difference it makes to your perception of nature as art. Cross continents and if you insist on referring to it as such, you have reached the dark continent of Africa.

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And for thousands of years so many different cultures and tribes having being busying themselves in the creation of their own versions of antique rugs, to say nothing of their famous calabashes, something you might identify as an unusually shaped but colorful vase.