• December 23, 2019
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Tips for protecting against water

Water is the one substance on the planet that we can’t avoid.  It falls from the sky, is piped into our homes and is needed to support life.  With such a widely used substance you wouldn’t think that it could be dangerous or harmful.  But it is.  Water damage Brunswick is the number one reason people place insurance claims on their homes. 

The first way that homes are damaged from water is from storms.  Severe storms are responsible for flooding, leaky roofs, and rising water levels.  For this reason, you want to do everything that you can to protect yourself from these storms and the water that comes with it.


Sandbags are typically the first line of defense when it comes to protecting our homes and other property form storms and water.  The idea is that the sand will absorb the water and help prevent it from entering into our home.  We will place the sandbags in front of doorways and other cracks around our property.

Clean up standing water

If your area does get flooded, you want to pump out the standing water as quickly as possible.  When we allow water to stand for extended periods of time it can cause a lot of problems.  The first is that it will attract insects and bugs.  These will become a real issue when they hatch and start looking to feed and lay more eggs.

Water damage Brunswick

From there mold and bacteria will have a place to grow.  Bacteria and molds can get us sick.  When breathed in or ingested they can cause a lot of problems even death in the human body.  To clean up standing water you want to first pump it out and into an area where it can flow away.  Then using fans, heaters and other absorption methods dry up the area and ensure that it stays dry.